Fashion Stylist Tips For Rock Stars

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Fashion stylists help rock stars create signature looks, and stay on the cutting edge of fashion. The time to think about creating your fashion style is at the same time you create your music. You don’t have to be Lady Gaga to get the right attention either. According to stylist June Ambrose, who’s worked with Missy Elliot, Jay-Z, DMX, and Nas among others says, “When you see someone who looks fabulous, you’re inclined to want to get to know them. When you go on a job interview, you want to look your best because you want to get the job. This is a record deal, you want to look the part, and have your image say ‘I want a million dollar deal’. When you’re meeting with label execs, you’re going to have an incredible demo, and your image has to sell it.”

If you’re not ready to hire a fashion stylist of your own, here are are some ideas to bring out your Inner Rock Star:

Look Around

Inspiration can be found everywhere. George Clinton found a book on a train to Dallas called

Style Tips for the Working Woman

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For a working woman, some great style tips can help a lot for you to succeed in your job and in your whole career. It makes you stand out from the rest – makes it easier for the bosses to notice you when promotion time comes. Of course, this is assuming that you’re doing your job well. Add to this society’s expectation that women should always look good. Expressing yourself through your clothes at work should never be exclusive to fashion models, advertising executives, and other professionals in the art and creative fields. Having your own look gives you personal branding. However, you should also be able to know also how to execute this self-expression within the limits of whatever industry you’re in.

Especially for the newbies, you should get to know what the standard attire in your line of work is. The best way to know this, although not infallible, is to see what the successful woman in your company is wearing. You can make her outfit as your measure. You can keep everything simple and safe for some time. But once you get a

Fashion Style Tips for Women Accessorizing

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On the catwalks this season some distinct and varied styles are apparent. The hardness of the rock look, the futuristic metallic look and the contrasting feminine look are all hot this season and provide women with a wide range of choice to suit their own styles and still be fashionable. Not only are these looks up to date and fresh for 2008, but they carry with them classic retro style with the trends of the season are all reminiscent of the 80s: the rock bands animal print, the neon colours and metallics of the punks and the romantic ruffles and lace.

The great thing about this season is that accessories are huge leaving people free to keep their existing wardrobe and buy only a few small items to refresh it. Whatever accessory you are comfortable wearing is the one to go for because the list of fashionable items it endless: jewellery, hats, scarves, wraps, watches, belts, gloves, bandanas, headbands, gloves, boots, bags and hair ties with jewels.

The key to accessorising is to draw attention to your best features. In the colder months when low

Styling Tips For Thin Hairs

Thin hairs are a problem of many people. There are natural and environmental two reasons behind it. Some have thin hairs naturally while others get them due to bad environmental factors. Pollution and dirt in the environment make hairs weak and fragile and ultimately results in hair loss. Also use of strong chemical products on hairs leads to hair loss thus make hairs thin.

Thin hair people become sad when it comes to styling of hairs as they cannot make many hairstyles due to thinness. But no more you have to be sad as tips below will help you in letting know how to carry off thin hairs. It will also mention some hairstyles that will hide the thinness of hairs and make then appear fuller and attractive. Here are the tips:

* Thin hair women should always keep length of hairs short. It is the biggest advice to them. The longer the length is thinner hairs appear. Till shoulders is the maximum length for hair people. Hair also looks neat and fashionable.

* Hair products you use held great importance in changing appearance of thin hairs. Avoid products which further leads to hair loss.

Men s Fashion Style Advice and Tips

Although it would be nice if the first impression people took from us was our personality, the fact remains that our exteriors are, naturally, the first thing people consider when they look at us. This is not necessarily style-related; our wardrobes may be perceptions of what our bank accounts or personalities are. Even the smallest details of our dress send messages about ourselves that can be misinterpreted. Men tend to fall victim to this unfair scrutiny often as they tend to be unaware of the silent messages their ensembles are sending. We have provided some simple tips to help you avoid this situation and become more aware of the message you may be sending.

At one time, over-sized clothing was undoubtedly in style. However, that time has come and gone. Now, clothing that hangs on your frame and bags and sags is unattractive and presents an image of untidiness to people who see you. Choose clothing that is tailored to your frame without being too tight, and that provides comfort without being too baggy.

Often men also make another mistake, they do not think about their foot wear choices. It may seem easiest just to grab

Top 10 Fashion and Style Tips for Men

Today’s metrosexual, cosmopolitan and fashion forward man would have no qualms in admitting that what is equally important to him as his manly image is being stylish. He wants to be updated with what’s latest in fashion, what’s hot and not. So here’s a chance for the men folk to spice up their wardrobe with the latest trends, colors and style all at once. Read on as we take you on a fashion tour to enlighten you of the top 10 fashion and style tips for men.

1. Suit up! Nail the Coat & Tie Look. This gentlemen’s look is perfect for another office day, and coupled with right trousers, crisp shirt with cufflinks, even more perfect for a day full of business meetings.

2. The ripped denims with tee look can never go out of fashion. If you’re looking to play around with the look a little bit, wear slippers in funky colors and a square-shaped scarf tied around in style!

3. Color is not just meant to be a little something we see splashed around in a woman’s closet. Now men can play with it too. Be it coats, jackets, shirts or pants,

Top Five Fashion Flight Tips Travel in Style

If you’re beating the winter blues by jetting off to warmer climes or simply planning a weekend away in a foreign city, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion with these top five fashion travel tips.

  1. Buy a passport wallet. There’s no point making an effort with your outfit only to dig out a dog-eared, creased passport as soon as you get to customs. A passport wallet will give you an air of the well-travelled while a bright design will make your passport easier to find when rooting around in your bag in the queue. There are some great leather designs around to protect your passport, some of which also feature extra sleeves for your cards and travel documents.
  2. Don’t forget your umbrella! Most of Northern Europe is likely to be at risk of rain (or snow!) in January and February and even southern climes can experience changeable conditions. Fortunately, an umbrella can be an asset to your ensemble – try a strong, wooden-handled, walking-length umbrella with polka dots or lace for a timelessly sophisticated look.
  3. Take the right bag. There’s nothing more embarrassing than the inevitable argument with the check-in crew as you try

Ten Top Style Tips For Professional Women

As a professional woman, first impressions count and what you wear to work will be very important in otters of your own confidence and how other judge and relate to you. You will want to look smart, organised and competent but also perhaps show a bit of your own style and who you are. Here are ten top style tips for professional women.

1. Be aware of the dress codes – many professions and firms will have strict dress codes both written and unwritten that you should adhere. You can read employee handbooks and contracts to see what the written rules are but the best way to work out the unwritten rules is to observe what others are wearing. If in doubt, it is usually best to play it safe.

2. Choose classic styles – not only do classic styles of clothing usually look more professional than high fashion pieces, they will also not go out of fashion so will be a much better investment.

3. Invest in a few key pieces – by spending a little more on a few pieces that will form the basis of your wardrobe, you can ensure a really

3 Fashion Photography Tips For Outstanding Fashion Photos

Fashion Photography Tips #1 – Supervise Your Model’s Hair and Makeup

Make sure to always be there to watch when your model’s hair and makeup are being done by hair stylists and makeup artists. Just by being there to watch, you will recognize the color pallets used on your models which will later help you think up the suitable set up for your fashion photo shoot.

Another thing you ought to do is to avoid getting in the way of the hair stylist and make up team’s way. You may interrupt politely or make suggestions only when you realize that the beauty team is going way off your expectations and directions of the theme of your fashion photography attempts.

It is a norm that after a few photography sessions, you will learn and know what best compliments your photo shoot. Working in a team and taking the role as the director or leader of the group guarantees new experiences and newly gained knowledge. It is of great importance that you work with a good and reliable team so that you’ll be better able to build credibility.

Fashion Photography Tips #2 – Create an Impact

Men s Fashion Styles That Women Absolutely Hate

Men and women have different fashion sense, and that’s the norm of course, but sometimes we need to take a cue from each other. Most men, for example, are known to have lousy taste when it comes to their fashion choices. That’s why they would be able to benefit tremendously from some real tips and advice from women.

There are choices of style and clothing for men that are totally frowned upon by the opposite sex. It would come in handy to know about these fashion violations especially if your aim in trying to be fashionable is to attract females in the first place.

Here are just some men’s fashion styles that women hate:

Socks and Sandals- There is never a good reason to wear socks with sandals. Socks are meant for shoes and closed footwear and sandals are meant for bare feet. Pairing these two together goes against their very nature.

Wearing them makes you look like a fool and women would rightfully think that you have no sense of fashion at all.

Mesh Shirt- Try to think of ways where wearing a mesh shirt can be considered to be hot. If

The Fashion Style That’s Right for Your Body Type

Women have different body types and because of this, women require a different fashion style for each type. Sometimes it could be quite daunting to go shopping and not really know what clothes are best for you. Below are tips for you to follow about the best kind of clothes that’s right for your body type.

Petite women are those with heights up to 5 feet 4 inches. If you’re in this category, the best strategy for you is to find clothes that would elongate your whole frame. As much as possible, you have to try to stick to using one color or at least clothes with the same hue from top to bottom. This would help make you appear taller.

Also shop at petite sections, because wearing clothes that are too long or too big for you will make you appear shorter and smaller than you are. Having clothes that fit will is one of the most important things to remember when choosing a fashion style. And of course, as you need to look taller, wearing heels is never a bad idea.

For tall and slim women, it is a good idea to make

New Style Tips What s Hot

Are you looking for some new hot style tips to enhance your frumpy and lumpy look? Do you know you’ve allowed your wardrobe to become embarrassingly outdated and old fashioned and some new style tips could really revamp your look? Have you been concentrating on other aspects of your life, like your education and career, and your personal look and appearance has taken a backseat to all that, but you now want new style tips that will bring you up to date and have you looking hot and spice?

Whether it’s your education, your career, your family or your friends, it’s quite normal to find yourself staring into your closet only to realize you literally have nothing appropriate to wear for a new date.

Here are some hot style tips that you can to do give your wardrobe some oomph without emptying your wallet.

Easy Hair

A trip to the hair salon can set you back quite a bit, but it may be worth the investment if you go in to have you hair cut and styled in a way you’ll be able to replicate at home. Today’s easily tousled styles make it easy

Fashion Style is Important

Fashion style is important. You clothes make your fashion statement, and how you’re perceived. Stand straight and carry yourself with grace. You will radiate self confidence.

Here are some fashion tips and advice to look and feel good. Don’t forget your jewelry accessories are like the icing on the cake. They are the finishing touch. Dress to Impress and Make Your Fashion Statement!

Fashion Tips

Make sure your wardrobe has plenty of neutrals on hand – they are perfect for mixing and matching. They can be dressed up or down with the right jewelry additions.

Not a one of us woman has the perfect figure. We all have flaws. Accept your flaws and work with them

Know your body and what looks good. You are logically attracted to clothes, styles and colors that flatter your figure. Experiment a bit, and try something a bit off your normal habits

Tailored outfits are flattering to most all figures

Buy styles that flatter your figure and don’t forget that finishing touch with your jewelry

To make a short neck look longer wear a sccop neck or open collar shirt, complete the look with

Mens Grooming & Style Tips

We all like to look our best. However, we all don’t always seem to know how to make that happen. There’s just so much to think about.

We are supposed to know what is in style and what isn’t. We have to know how to put fashionable outfits together-as adults, this is much more difficult than it was back in high school or college (sweats and a t-shirt don’t suffice anymore).

We need to be able to accessorize our clothing, choose the right haircuts, and more. It’s a lot of pressure – especially since everyone is always telling us that we “only get one chance to make a first impression.”

So, here are some fashion and style tips that can help you look your best every day:

  1. When in doubt, it is always better to be overdressed than to be underdressed. For example, if you aren’t certain about how you are to dress for the barbecue party that your boss is throwing (Is it considered a business event? Or is it a casual backyard party?), it would be better to err on the side of caution and overdress-in this case, you would go for

4 Very Important Fashion Photography Tips To Implement

Fashion Photography Tips #1 – Look and Learn

When it comes to fashion photography, it is great if you as a photographer can make it a habit to look at photographs and paintings often. Not just to look at them but also to learn and observe so as to sharpen your creativity so that you will be able to create photographs that capture the eyes of viewers.

Capture photographs whenever possible. If you are starting off your fashion photography attempt with a single kit lens, what you ought to do is to notice and learn the different type of effects produced on your photographs when you use wider and longer lenses.

The effects produced could be the distortion of your subject’s proportions. It may also result in a cast and wider scenery.

The reason why you have to observe and learn the various effects produced with wider and longer lenses is to discover which effect works best for you. This creates a sense of style on your photographs, giving you confidence. This will also help you determine the type of lens you need most when in need to purchase one later.

Fashion Photography

The Top 5 Style Tips For Women That You Will Love

Style is everything. When you walk out the door what you have on gives you confidence for the day. And if you don’t look and feel your best, you won’t perform your best. Below you will find 5 style tips for women that will help you always look good when you walk out the door.

Know Thy Body

Most women have no idea what looks good on them. As a result they wear the wrong style clothing. They wear clothing that doesn’t flatter their shape. That’s why it is so important that you know and understand your body shape. If you are a petite woman avoid wearing chunky clothes and strong prints.

The best look for you is something more fitted. Busty women should skirts that catch the eye. That way all of the attention won’t be on your breasts. If you are comfortable enough, wear a short skirt and show off your legs. Avoid wearing tops with a lot of prints and colors. Instead wear long jackets that draw the eyes down.

If you are a pear shaped women like me, vertical lines are your friend. You want to wear the A-line skirts

Top Three Men s Style Tips

Whether you are the man who regularly keeps up to date with the latest fashion trends or you are the man who simply goes by what feels comfortable; fashion is a demanding industry and the pressures that we face to ensure we look our best are constant.

Whatever your age and whatever your personal style; looking good will no doubt be an essential factor for you all but how do you know you are making all the right moves? I stand firmly by the belief that fashion depends on personal taste; you could be a fan of leather jackets, jeans and the punk rock look or you could be the dapper gentleman who prefers nothing more than a smart suit and tie but as long as you are comfortable and happy, anything goes.

Having said that however, there are a few commonly agreed points that any man can follow to ensure he is hitting all of the right notes with every part of his wardrobe…

  • Accessorize- It might seem strange to tell a man that he needs to accessorize but the right choices can make all the difference. A quality scarf can be a great

Style Suggestions For Men Six Fantastic Style Tips

This article discusses style tips that will enable you to improve how you look with the least amount of effort and trouble.

Basic is best, so you are going to need a choice of clothes that are exciting and fresh, yet not over the top. However, you should remember that flashy is very difficult to pull off and if you’re worried about how stylish you are then stick with something classic.

Expand your apparel as fashion is always changing and your style should move with the times. This doesn’t always mean that you have to follow fashion, but you should always be evolving the way you look to develop a more polished image. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean being contemporary with your choice of clothes, but it does mean moving towards a more preferred style that suits you.

Fashion is not always stylish, as many people assume, and consequently being trendy is not the same as being stylish. Stylish people don’t go out and buy the latest fashion, but make a careful and informed decision based on what suits them individually. They learn to build a wardrobe which is ageless and will always leave them

How to Have Your Own Unique Fashion Style

Are you ready to break out and find your very own fashion style? Everyone has his or her own unique fashion sense. Don’t just blindly follow the trends set by someone else. Here are some tips for you to help you search for the fashion that speaks of who you are.

First and foremost, to be able to make a fashion statement about yourself, it is important that you figure out your personality. Are you the fun, quirky type, the serious “brainy” type, or the athletic type? There are many different types of personalities, and discovering who you are will most definitely pave the way to discovering your own fashion style.

Go through your closet and separate the clothes you want to keep and those that you don’t. Check out the clothes you want to keep because they may help you in choosing the style that you want to have. At this point, you can either create a style that is based on your current clothes, or create one that is entirely new.

Be creative! Do not just think of fashion based on the norm or the current trend. Remember you’re making a fashion statement

Fashion Style Tips For Women How to Pick the Perfect Figure Flattering Dress For Your Figure

Luckily for us and our wardrobes, the faithful frock’s made a dramatic comeback. It’s no wonder we’ve loved dresses for so long and with good reason; this style staple is so flattering whatever your shape. Just think how fabulous curvy Marilyn Monroe or slender Audrey Hepburn looked in theirs. Whichever way you look at it, the dress has bags of pizzazz and is used by many women on the Continent in Spain, France, Germany or Portugal to create an effortless style statement. So why not steal a few top tips from Europe’s most stylish women on how to wear them?

Inch Losing Dresses Delivered to Your Door

What dress you choose really depends on your height and shape and with the right choice you could save inches outwards as well as adding inches upwards. So, where to start? If you’re slightly fuller in the bust like many British and German women you should probably steer clear of high neck dresses, instead, try going for a deep v-neck to balance out your heavier top half and lengthen your legs. Equally, for a rounded figure or apple shape, a dress with a pleated waist will help skim over